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        Judah House of Praise Pentecostal Church

5670 Redan Rd Stone Mountain, GA 30088

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Victory is Ours!

Posted on May 15, 2014 at 5:59 AM
What the devil meant for bad, God meant it for our good!!  Praise Him!  The break in that we had on Resurrection Sunday this past April 20th was very shocking to the JHOP members.  But we went on with our Resurrection program and praised GOD!  We will continue to do the work that the Lord has assigned us at this location for this season.  For we know that " no weapon formed against us shall prosper."
In His Service

Categories: Praises unto God

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4:40 PM on January 8, 2020 
Dear Friends:

We would like to offer you a free book for your daily study and meditation about the future prophesies of the world, economy crisis, the planet ecological disaster, how and why the increasing of earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis and typhoons around the world and the end of humanity.

Hercolubus or Red Planet written by V. M. Rabolu is a book which speaks about the most imminent events to come. In this small book, the author tackles serious topics of actuality that are happening nowadays like the atomic tests in the ocean and the fatal consequences causing the unbalance changes of the climate around the world. He describes the controversial question of the existence of conscientious beings in other planets of the universe. Likewise, he confirms the existence of an enormous planet, six times bigger than Jupiter, which is approaching our planet in an alarming way. He describes the consequences for us.

In his book, V. M. Rabolu teaches the system to eliminate the psychological defects and the techniques of the astral unfolding to be the only existing key to escape from the coming cataclysm.

V.M. Rabolu (1926-2000) was born in Tolima (Colombia). In 1952, he found the true knowledge by means of many years of practicing what he teaches in this book. He managed to develop his extraordinary capacities that transformed him into a spiritual guide of international renown.

In 1998, he wrote "Hercolubus or Red Planet" based in his direct and conscientious experience. V.M. Rabolu describes the terrible events that will happen in a short term. He teaches the way to obtain a deep transformation of the human being. Nowadays, the statements in his book have been recognized by a large number of readers around the world who are getting many benefits from his teachings.

V.M. Rabolu is one of those few souls with awakened Conscience, and his teachings have become indispensable in these times when materialism and the lack of moral values have transformed our society into a madness and chaos full of wars, alcohol, drugs, sexual abuse, misery, painting a very dark future for new generations.

Hercolubus or the Red Planet is written above all with a great dose of sensibility and love for humanity. The assertions contained in the book will draw the attention of society as the events unfold in the near future.

From the table of contents:

Hercolubus or Red Planet

Nuclear Tests in the ocean and the ecological disasters

Elimination of the Psychological Defects or Egos

Astral Unfolding and its techniques

The mystery of life in other planets

The Book synthesizes our work with three factors: The elimination of the psychological defects, with which every person can achieve scientific chastity and the love for humanity and our planet.

V.M. Rabolu’s message is clear and conclusive: "Human beings must increase their level of conscience to overcome the forthcoming worldwide calamities."

If you like to receive a copy, free of charge and shipment, you can ask for it:
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Victory is Ours! Useless Websites
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strona www says...
If keep in mind, you can't select in contrast to methods of which can gates and also make an application the perfect, and yet focused on work for you.

There might be times when we don’t feel good about the things that are happening in our lives. During these times, I know that we tend to feel distant from the Lord because we think that the negative things that are happening to us are all part of His plans. Well, after trying to understand everything, I have realized that the things that are happening to us whether it is not good will indeed help us to become the best version of ourselves. I hope that we will all learn to trust the Lord with all of our heart and mind. Just always remember that He will always be there for us.
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